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Bounce back physiotherapy sessions are becoming popular in Abu Dhabi. These sessions are going to be incorporated into a gym located in a rehab center specifically meant for individuals striving to become fit. 

Complications of working out in the gym: Before working out in a gym most individuals are advised to consult with their doctors. Even if an individual is not injured, there is a chance that due to weak genetics the individual is unable to work out with the cables, machines and equipments present in the gym. For instance an individual feels that he or she is unable to perform the lat pull down exercise as the lower back acts up, this shows that the individual should immediately stop doing weights. A trainer can always suggest that the individual can strengthen the back by lying on top of a seat within the gym and then move back and forth while keeping the back as flat as possible. The hardness of the seat might make it uncomfortable for the individual. 

Alternative solutions: To avoid such people being discouraged from going to the gym, the gym should have a place for yoga classes meant for such individuals. The classes would be headed by a physiotherapist. The aim is to strengthen weak muscles by using medicine balls that do not affect the individual in any way. All that is required is that the individual should lie on top of the medicine ball and work on the back as per the instructions of the physiotherapist. Medicine balls are a great workout tool for getting stronger abdomens because doing it on a crunch machine can take a toll on the back. 

Make the classes more entertaining: A good physiotherapist is one who realizes that those in the yoga classes would find it boring when it’s all about performing exercises on a medicine ball. Bounce back therapy is one segment of the classes, so there is a need to have yoga mats to perform a number of other exercises. Similar to the Swiss/medicine balls, yoga mats would enable individuals to exercise without causing any damage at all.

Rehab center with many facilities: Berlin Medical & Neurological Rehabilitation L.L.C is one of those centers that could have a gym that works in line for a physiotherapist. For more information click here now.