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The ways in which ballet can damage your feet

Ballet is a very difficult physically demanding job that most dancers go through. You must be aware of the several stories that ballets have told about their damaged feet. From having immense pain to broken toenails, this is just the start as the real test is for the professionals who hide their pain with ballet shoes.

In order to understand why ballet dancers hurt their feet, it is important that you first understand the ballet shoes and how they are made, after that it will make better sense. The shoes of ballet dancers may seem very delicate and beautiful but the reality is hidden in the toes. The toes of the shoes are filled with cardboard and hardened paper with glue to make sure that the toes have the right base and grip. When dancers move to pointe, they must first try to balance their weight on the shoes because if the base is not laid correctly, it can cause problems. But dancing on pointe can seriously damage the feet of the dancers.

Some of the most basic problems that dancers face are the corn and blisters that develops in the feet. Or it can also be related to toe nails which turn black. Even if these problems seem minor, they often turn into a something serious such as the black toe nails could develop skin underneath or the corn can develop ulcer.

These shoe problems are only limited to females because they perform pointe routines. For male dancers the problems are different. As most of the male dancers are involved in jumping and lifting, they can often develop ankle or muscular injury. They also buy ballet tights and are used to wearing just like women.

Even if most of these problems can be easily solved with doctor’s appointment and advice, the dancers refuse to take it. The reason behind this is that doctors often recommend rest for a week or sometimes a month which can result in a huge practice and performance loss which they wouldn’t like to take. Not only this but most of the dancers are inclined to self medication and treatments because they know that they have gone against doctors advice. They would try to shove old tights in their shoes and several other harmful remedies that just make the condition worse.