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There are different kinds of fabric and there are some that are very expensive and one of many fabrics that are expensive is silk. We all know that why silk is expensive and if someone does not know that why it expensive then you must know that these are produced from silk worms.

Yes, you read that right; there are some amazing worms that produce silk. Like the snail leaves slime on the surface, silk worms leave silk behind. If you are a person who needs to know more about silk then we suggest that you keep reading because here, we will tell you about the facts about silk that will leave you dazzled. Go here to know more about sik silk t shirts.

  1. Silk has its own production factories and different treatment factories as well and all the production of silk is called the sericulture.
  2. Silk worms are light weighted but, in their world when they are eggs they are lighter than the feather and when they hatch and grow one month old, they are 10,000 times more heavier.
  3. A single strand of silk is so small that a human eye cannot see it and that is why to make one single silk thread, it requires four to eight threads combined to make one.
  4. The worms are easy to get and some people breed them as well, they are cheap to get but the production of silk is expensive and that is why it is so expensive to get a single or small piece of silk cloth.
  5. The life of a silk worm is really less but it does great many things when it is alive. It lays over 500 eggs and then it dies.
  6. Their life is so fast that in the fly species they are the fastest one to get hatched, the eggs hatch in ten days.
  7. There are different kinds of silk, in the market, you will also see cheap silk and that is the one that is not treated well and the one that are treated in factories for weeks, they have the softest and smoothest touch and feel.
  8. If you want to start the production of silk then it will take you many investigations to know about the production because no one tells you.