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Kitchen is the most important part of your home. If your kitchen is not clean then it is considered that your home is not clean. Your family is not healthy if you are not making healthy and hygienic food and preparation of hygienic food depends upon the cleanliness of your kitchen. So you must clean your kitchen according to your kitchen design

There are few tips to clean your kitchen on regular basis. You can follow these tips too. 

Clean shelves of kitchen:

You should regularly clean the shelves of kitchen. You should clean the shelves of your kitchen with dry and wet cloth. You should also change the setting of utensils on shelves time to time to give it better look.

Clean your sink:

If there are any dirty dishes then you should wash them immediately. To give them fragrance you can also wash them with fragrance containing soaps. You can also wash the dishes with hot water if you want to wash these dishes properly. 

Clean your oven/microwave:

Microwave is frequently used item in kitchen. So you should properly clean it. You can also use mirror cleaner to clean it from outside. 

Clean your refrigerator properly:

You should clean your fridge weekly or after every 2 weeks. If there is any rotten fruit or vegetable then you should remove it immediately. You should also properly check the expiry date of frozen food items. If there are any dirty food containers then you should clean these racks. 

Clean your kitchen cabinets regularly:

Cabinets are mostly used part of kitchen. You can use wet cloth to clean the racks of your kitchen. 

Clean all kitchen appliances:

You should use all of your kitchen appliances such as refrigerator, dishwasher (if you have), microwave and other appliances if you have. But you should firstly clean them with dry cloth and then with wet cloth. 

Clean the floor of your kitchen:

You should also regularly clean the floor of your kitchen. You should clean the floor with brush first and then you should clean it with mop. 

Empty trash bin:

If you are not cleaning trash bin regularly then it can produce smell in your kitchen. So you should empty it regularly and you should also wash it after a week or two.