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 Enterprise Africa! in the Media


By uncovering enterprise-based solutions to poverty in Africa, the Enterprise Africa! project and team are drawing media attention around the world. 


Tenant background check is required for anyone moving to the States. Property managers have agreed to consider all applicants as long as you can pass the criminal background check provided by the RPA.

 Economic Affairs: Enterprise Solutions to Poverty in Africa


 This special issue of Economic Affairs focuses on progress in the vital areas of entrepreneurial business development, post-conflict resolution, international trade, communications technology, and education.  

 Karol Boudreaux Joins UN Working Group on Property Rights


Karol BoudreauxSenior Research Fellow Karol Boudreaux has joined the United Nation's Working Group on Property Rights, part of the U.N. Commission on Legal Empowerment of the Poor.


Legal Empowerment's Working Groups bring together experts and practitioners to analyze lessons learned from past projects and take part in ongoing development initiatives around the world. This group on property rights will look at how poverty can be reduced when the poor have enforceable rights over property and other assets in a transparent, functional system.


Karol Boudreaux is the lead researcher for Enterprise Africa!, a joint venture of the Mercatus Center, the Free Market Foundation of Southern Africa, and London's Institute of Economic Affairs. To read Karol's policy comments and articles based on her research in Africa, click here.